Tooth Decay SignsTooth decay: Can the pain hurt? Of course, we have all been there. Don’t wait for symptoms before you approach your dentist. Never underestimate the need to see him. An ugly decay may not cause the pain. There may be some underlying causes. This article means to discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatment of tooth decay.

Tooth Decay Causes

The primary cause of tooth decay arises from the mixture of bacteria and food in our mouth. There is plaque formation, and it contains bacteria which utilizes sugar in the food you eat, thereby producing acid. The acid destroys the teeth enamel eventually decaying the teeth.

However, there are causes which are preventable like:

Not brushing your teeth: Always brush your teeth at least twice a day or every after a meal.

Failing to use dental floss: Essentially you have to use dental floss to remove food particles in between teeth. There are particles which can’t be removed by mere brushing. Flossing regularly avoids tooth decay.

Unhealthy eating: Avoiding sugary and sweet foods prevents tooth decay. Avoid drinking health and energy drinks. These type of drinks contains loads of sugar. Sugar which stays on your teeth gives food to bacteria. The acid then destroys your teeth enamel. Never consume too much candy, chocolates, soda, cakes, etc.

There is not enough fluoride in your water: Typically, most water sources have enough fluoride. Otherwise, talk to your dentist and ask if you need fluoride supplements.

Not visiting your dentist regularly: Your dentists can see early signs of tooth decay, so have an appointment with them regularly.

Tooth Decay Symptoms

Persistent pain and toothache: Tingling or severe pain are symptoms of a cavity. In severe cases, you are unable to have quality shut eye. Immediately see a dentist for treatment.

You experience pain when chewing food: When you eat food, and something hurts, there may be some cavity on your tooth. The tooth may have cracked that when it comes in contact with food it hurts.

Bad breath or bad taste in the mouth: Bacteria loves cavities. It’s their breeding ground. Bacteria causes bad odor and bad taste in the mouth. Often bad breath is an indication of gum disease. If you have chronic bad breath, check with your dentist right away.

Warning Signs Of Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay Treatment

Choose to seek advice from your dentist for any minor indications of tooth decay. The sooner you see your dentist for treatment the fewer issues you will have. No extensive treatment is required, in this case. Here are the treatment options:

  • Fluoride treatments: Your dentist may prescribe some liquid, foam, varnish or gel preparations brushed onto your teeth. Fluoride revives teeth enamel.

Fillings or restorations are the main things a dentist opts for, depending on the severity of the decay. Fillings are composed of different materials. Porcelain is popularly used. Other materials are tooth-colored composite resins and silver amalgams which contain small amounts of mercury.

  • Crowns: If the decay is severe, the dentist may recommend a custom fitted crown which replaces the natural one.
  • Root canals: This is the last option before tooth extraction is made.
  • Tooth extractions: This is the option the dentist takes when the cavity is severe. You may opt for dental implants to replace it or opt for artificial teeth.
Wrapping It Up:

Tooth decay can easily be preventable with simple oral hygiene. If there are indications of tooth decay visit your dentist quickly. Seeing your long beach dentist must be made a regular thing to ensure perfect dental health.

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