Have you already experienced the amazing benefits of sunflower greens and sprouts?

Today, we live a lifestyle where we are always in a hurry and thus choose the easiest options in anything we do to save up time. This is also true with the choice of food that we eat.

Most of the time, we tend to eat instant, processed, and fast food so we don’t need to spend so much time preparing and/or waiting for it to be ready for serving.

While these foods may be delicious and convenient, they may not provide proper nutrition to our body. Moreover, they are high in calories which promotes obesity when not controlled and may lead to different diseases.

That is why, many health organizations are now promoting on getting a healthy lifestyle and proper diet, switching to fruits, green leafy vegetables, and nuts, instead of all meat and fats.

One of the plants that offer incredible health benefits that are growing in popularity today is the sunflower greens and its sproutings. Check out more below and get to know more about the sprouting from sunflower seeds.

sunflower greens and sprouts

Sunflower Greens And Sprouts

The sunflower greens are the young sprouts of the seeds from sunflowers.

Not everyone knew that only after about a weeks, you can right away harvest the spouts and add them for your favorite tasty salad.

These microgreen plants are edible and contain a lot of health benefits to make your body strong and immune from diseases.

Below are the facts and health benefits of baby sunflowers and the reasons why you should start to plant and grow organic sunflower seeds in your home garden today and make your own sunflower green salad recipe today:


Facts And Health Benefits Of Baby Sunflowers

  1. A complete plant protein

The sunflower greens and sprouts are one of the vegetables that contain a complete plant protein. They provide your body with the essential amino acids to help with muscle and tissue repair.

  1. High antioxidant level

The sprouting of the sunflower seed also called as the microgreens, is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants promote efficient cell regeneration, slowing down the skin aging process.

  1. Strengthens your immunity

The sunflower greens and sprouts also contains high levels of vitamin C which is essential for your body’s immunity. The sprouts from sunflowers also help boost the building up of innate lymphoid cells of ILC, which are cells for boosting immunity that are usually found in our digestive system linings.

  1. Rich source of chlorophyll

The microgreen sunflower greens and sprouts are a rich source of chlorophyll. Among the health benefits of the chlorophyll in the human body include keeping the blood clean and healthy, regulating the function of the nervous system, regenerating the cells and tissues, and balancing the pH levels in our body to maintain alkalinity.

facts and health benefits of baby sunflowers

Plant And Grow Organic Sunflower Seeds Today

Now that you know the facts and health benefits of baby sunflowers, start to plant and grow organic sunflower seeds today. Check out Indiana Wheat Grass sunflower greens and harvest them in just about a week or two, and prepare your own raw sunflower greens salad recipes at home.


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