Alkaline water pitchers purify water by removing contaminants and pollutants and making the water alkaline enough to neutralize the effects of acidity in the body.

They use potent solutions to increase the pH of the water. These solutions are called Alkaline Water Booster Drops and contain concentrations of alkaline minerals such as bicarbonates of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. The compositions vary from one brand to another.

The alkaline water booster drops can considerably raise the pH of water optimally to as high as 9.5 thus purifying it and getting rid of contaminants.

Plasma pH is popular among users

The Best Alkaline Water Booster Drops

  • Plasma pH

Plasma pH is a product of Alkalvision which is affordable, effective and suitable for users with acid-refluxes.

It is a standard pH alkalizer which makes your water pure and safe to drink. With a recommended 10 drops per litre of water, Plasma pH is popular among users as it is affordable, easy to use and very effective in fighting free radicals, reducing acidity as well as supplying essential minerals.

  • Alkalife Alkaline Boosting pH Drops

Alkalife Alkaline Boosting pH Drops is composed of phosphates, magnesium, zinc and amino acids and antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. This product purifies drinking water quickly.

The highly concentrated formulation makes it easy to use with only few drops needed and prolongs its use. It also contains essential minerals and can be used on the go with other juices apart from water.

  • PuripHy

PuripHy is another good alkalizer in the market, which is economical and able to neutralize microforms.

Other Available Water Booster Drops

  • Cellfood

Cellfood is an alkaline booster with a superior formulation boasting a number of amino acids, iconic minerals and enzymes with useful dissolved oxygen and electrolytes supplying the body with oxygen and nutrients.

It works by breaking water molecules in the body system thus providing the much-needed oxygen throughout the body for hours. By converting free radicals into stable oxygen, Cellfood drastically improves the much-needed oxygenation of the body and cells absorption capabilities.

Users who opt for Cellfood aren’t restricted to use it with water only. It can also be used with other juices which makes its use more flexible and highly effective compared to other water booster drops available in the market.

  • pHion

pHion is optionally said to be one of the best in the market. It does not only alkalize water, but also ionizes it to increase its hydrating capabilities making it easier for the body to absorb.

Benefits of Alkaline Water Booster Drops

Consumption of foods that increase body acidity is rising and hence the need for us to consider a more alkaline lifestyle by using good alkaline water booster drops for their obvious relief from acidity as well as other health benefits to the body that include:

  • aids in weight loss
  • reduces the acid level in the blood stream
  • boosts your immune system hence keeping you healthy
  • keeps you hydrated for longer unlike tap water
  • acid reflux relief

the need for us to consider a more alkaline lifestyle

Final Thoughts

Some of the best alkaline water booster drops have plenty of health benefits. Even as the hype continues, it’s important to choose the best water booster drops. We hope that with our guide you can now make an informed decision.



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