If you are reading this article, then you must have been searching for the best neuropathic pain treatment all over the internet.

Let me just go straight to the point and tell you that there is not one single, most effective pain treatment for chronic neuropathy. That is one thing I am sure of.

Now before you go on another search on your browser, there is good news. There exists a neuropathic pain treatment, however, this is not a permanent type of treatment. There are multiple types of treatments, all of which should be specifically custom-designed for each individual.

Most Effective Neuropathic Pain Treatments Available

Types and Symptoms

There are many types of neuropathy. It could just be focal neuropathy (pain is focused on a certain part of the body), autonomic neuropathy (involuntary symptoms like uncontrolled sweating or irregular bowel movements), and even cranial neuropathy (this could be the worst of all, as you lose sensation in your skin and sometimes lose balance even while standing still.

Neuropathy pain sometimes disappears by itself but then comes back and then disappears again. This is the result of a malfunction in the nervous system.

Another example of a breakdown in the system is the phantom limb syndrome. When an individual loses a leg or an arm, they feel the pain maybe for a few days but then the pain is supposed to disappear.

However, due to the system failure, the nerves carrying the sensations are still sending the pain signals even when there are none. The pain would be unimaginable.

Pain and Depression Treatments

Describing the pain of chronic neuropathy, patients have reported feelings ranging from slight annoying pinch to absolute hell-raising agony.

This gives us an idea of what treatment to use. Aside from the painkillers that will become a staple for the neuropathic patient, other medications that might help are AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs), neuroleptics, and anticonvulsants.

For intense, abrupt, and piercing facial neuropathy, a couple of beneficial meds would be carbamazepine and oxcarbazepine.

Antidepressants are becoming more and more popular among neuropathic patients due to the comfort and peace that it offers.

Antidepressants somehow trick the brain into thinking that there is no pain. However, there are side effects like drowsiness, some nausea, and even heart problems. Antidepressants should be used only in the direst of situations.

Other Treatments

If the specific neuropathy is discovered early enough, and the symptoms and pain are still very tolerable, the best treatment would be to prevent further damage to the nerves.

The treatments should highlight strategies and methods to help the patient not just with pain relief but also with changing their lifestyle to a more conducive one, especially when they have this ailment present already.

Other possible treatment could be physical therapy for those that are having a hard time with balance and feel in their arms and legs.

Even occupational therapy plays a big role as the patients naturally want to get back to their regular lives as soon as possible. The important thing is to treat the disease as early as possible, to prevent the neuropathy from giving further damage.

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Available Right Now

See A Doctor Today

So even though you think you don’t have this disease yet, it is better to be sure. Find a hospital near you today and see if they licensed specialists that have dealt with neuropathic patients extensively in the past.

This way, they will be able to give their professional opinion, get you to more lab tests, and provide expert suggestions on how to cope living with this sickness.

There is no perfect neuropathic pain treatment, but you can still have a quality kind of life. If you’re looking for anĀ excellent blog about neuropathy, then follow us now!


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