Do you have moles that can be distracting at times? If you want to get rid of them fast, visit your nearest dermatologist to give you advice on what to do with your mole.

Cancerous mole for removalMoles are growths on the skin that are made up of cells that produce pigmentation. Usually, the pigmentation gives a brown color on the skin, but they can be black, blue, or flesh. Generally, they are harmless and don’t cause anything on the skin or your overall health, but sometimes, people do not like how they give an impression especially when the moles is located on the face, so they opt for a mole removal surgery.

While moles are generally harmless, some can be cancerous. In these cases, people who have such need to undergo surgery for a mole removal.

While some remove their moles because of medical reasons, others also take advantage of the surgery for aesthetic reasons especially when they are located and highly visible on the face, neck, near the eyes, cheeks, chin, or forehead.

Whether you need to remove your mole because it can grow into cancer may affect your health in the future, or if you want to it removed for cosmetic purposes because you find it a distraction on the skin especially on the face,

There are three ways of mole surgery removal that can be done by dermatology clinics, and that may depend which kind of mole that you have.

Surgical Procedures for Removing Moles

1. Shave excision

The shave excision procedure is done to moles that grow and protrudes onto the skin. In shave excision, a local anesthetic is applied to the area that surrounds the mole to numb it. The doctor will then start the procedure by shaving the surface using a scalpel to remove the mole.

Facial mole for surgery2. Punch biopsy

The punch biopsy uses a mole removal device to punch out the pigmented skin. This is usually done on smaller skin moles.

3. Excisional surgery

An excisional surgery is done for the removal of the malignant and larger moles. In treatments like this, the mole has to be entirely removed by cutting it out. There will be a wound after the surgery, so stitches are put, and the wound needs some time for recovery.

Aside from the surgery, there is also another technology used to remove moles, and it is called the later mole removal.

What Is Laser Mole Removal?

This type of mole removal is recommended on moles that are flat and brown or black in color. The dermatologist applies a local anesthetic to the area and user laser technology to remove the tissues that cause color pigments that result to moles. The laser removal is usually used for cosmetic purposes on small and flat moles. Larger moles and those that protrude cannot be removed by laser treatment, and surgical methods must be done.

 Remove the Distraction

On smaller moles that can easily be hidden, it doesn’t need to be removed. But when they are large and especially when they are located somewhere on the face, it can somehow look untidy, and mole removal surgery can help to make you look better. So look for a dermatologist near you and ask help in getting rid of that skin pigmentation.


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