There are several good places to find a good dentist in Anchorage. Dentistry is important to overall health. Oral diseases are a widespread problem among people which if left untreated, will lead to more diseases in your body. Without good dental hygiene and care, we are susceptible to many diseases. So, how do you find a good dentist? There are three tests good dentist will be able to pass easily. The first two test are quite obvious and easy but the third one is quantifiable, therefore making it accurate for you to find a good dentist.

Ways to Find The Best Dentist

1. Bragging Test

The first test is the bragging test. All you gotta do is post on facebook or ask some friends and family for recommendations for a good dentist in town. One problem about this tests though is that a lot of people have a low standard for what a good dentist means, which leads to the second test.

2. The Yelp Test

Take those names suggested by your peers and look them up on Yelp as it is the most reliable review site out there. Now look for 4.5 or higher star ratings. Anything that falls below failed the test. % is actually quite easy to get for a dentist. The Clear Creek Dental gained 5-star ratings from our valued customers.

3. The Care Test

The third and uncommon test is what we call the care test. There are a lot of dental offices out there that are just after the money instead of providing quality services. This test is to make sure that the dentist actually cares about your teeth as opposed to just making some money.

To Find Out Whether a Dentist Actually Cares, Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. First, call and speak to the receptionist or staff. Ask her this first question: how long do you schedule for an average adult regular cleaning? She will tell you that it will depend on what you need. Then reply to her by saying, “even if it does not apply to me, how long do you schedule for an average adult regular cleaning?”
  2. Then ask them the second question: How long does the hygienist on average clean the patient’s teeth? That’s the answer you’ll really need to find out. On average, you should want the hygienist to clean your teeth for at least thirty minutes. Anything above that is even better but bear in mind that the minimum should be thirty.
  3. An office that truly cares about your teeth will spend at least that amount of time getting your teeth clean while those who schedule less are probably running the rest of the services the same way just to get the money. They will most likely to try to sell you other services which you probably don’t need. It is a fact that it really takes some time to clean your teeth no matter how skilled the hygienist is. Studies reveal that it is almost impossible to completely clean your teeth so it is important to spend more time doing so.

There you have it. A simple guide in choosing your dentist. At Clear Creek Dental in Anchorage, we make sure that our patients get the best care they needed without rushing and over selling. Give us a call today!


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