If you love wrestling, then you understand that having the best shoes will make all the difference in your performance.

A good shoe will ensure you have the best position and stances making you feel lighter and enabling you to move with ease which is a very critical technique for wrestlers.

In wrestling, the footwork will determine whether you are in the range to hit or be hit. You can move intelligently and execute your strategies as perfectly as you have planned them. But choosing awesome wrestling shoes is not an easy task.

How to Choose Some Awesome Wrestling Shoes

Choose a Good Size and Fit

Wrestling shoes have the same design as running shoes. They are designed with a thin profile and a light insole making them lightweight and easy for the wearer.

The outsole is also thin and has a great grip to offer the wrestler all the needed stability when they are in the ring. For the comfort and enough support, ensure that you pick the right fit for your feet.

Shoes that fit perfectly will not only feel comfortable but will also feel lighter and allow the one enough flexibility when moving. Without heavy shoes weighing a wrestler down or loose-fitting ones repeatedly coming off, s/he can move with greater agility when in the ring.

Consider Shoe Material and Breathability

Soft leather is a common material in wrestling shoes allowing them to break in fast after purchase while still enhancing their durability. These shoes are designed to be breathable with venting on different parts of the shoe.

This allows the wrestler not to get sweaty when they are using the shoes.

Good ventilation lets in the air when it is hot allowing the user to stay comfortable during a workout. Ensure that the shoe has a thin sole to reduce weight. The sole of these shoes should always be flat to enhance comfort and stability when the wrestler is standing.

When shopping, check the ridges on the bottom of the shoes to ensure that they will hold the ground firmly during a wrestle.

Weight, Height and Ankle Support

A wrestling shoe, irrespective of its size should not be heavy to the extent that the user feels uncomfortable. Awesome wrestling shoes should be made of light material with excess decorations cut off to make room for better features.

A shoe needs to be fitted with ankle support to ensure that even after a fall, the wrestler still gets the best from their shoe. However, this will depend on the preferences as some people feel a shoe with ankle support is a boot and less comfortable.

What are the Qualities of Awesome Wrestling Shoes

What shoe To Buy

You should always keep the above factors as well as price in mind as you go about purchasing wrestling shoes. In addition, certain feet conditions will require special shoes so you should consider that and seek you physician’s advice when looking for wrestling shoes.


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