For the occasional user with an impending drug test, a drug test cleanse may be the next best option instead of synthetic urine.

Cleansers fall into two categories: body cleanse and hair shampoo cleansing products. Body cleansers are basically detox cleansers you will use to make sure drugs don’t show up in your urine.

The other type of cleansers are special shampoo kits designed to rid our hair of drugs.

Hair Cleanse Shampoo Kits

The Different Drug Test Cleanse OptionsHair cleansers are popular with users who anticipate a hair follicle test. According to the Toke Titans’ post in their website, a hair follicle test can prove drug use for a period of up to ninety days prior.

Hair follicle tests are the most accurate for results requiring a lengthy historical record, but are ineffective for someone who has used drugs in less than five days.

Products like Sarkin Nutrition Stat Hair Detox Shampoo Kit are designed to lift all residue from medication, pollution, and drugs from your hair strands.

It is recommended that you start using the shampoo about a week before the hair test, and make sure to scrub the scalp thoroughly since this is where THC (an active component of marijuana) is stored.

Detox Cleanse Products

These are detox products designed to flush out drug traces from your system naturally. This type of cleansers is best when you are anticipating a urine analysis test.

The detox products will encourage your Renal system to flush out any toxin, residue or remnant of any drug in your system.

Products like Rescue Cleanse are quite inexpensive and are easily acquired. You can order online, although you aren’t recommended to buy from sites like Amazon – the seller may sell an expired or tampered product.

It’s best to order directly from the manufacturer. Resource websites like Toke Titans have affiliate links which you can click to communicate directly to a trusted seller.

Caution is however advised. Labs will check for ‘markers’ – natural components naturally found in urine which detox products flush out. Good products will restore the markers making your urine look normal.

How to Use Them

Both hair and detox cleansers will not work well on short notice. Your body has its own timeframe of removing foreign substances.

However, there are detox cleansers that claim to work 24 hours before the test; however, this isn’t a solid claim.

Both shampoos and detox products will require a couple of days to work effectively. The more time, the better.

However, if you have used any drugs five days prior the test and haven’t used any before that, you may pass the test since it takes about five days for the drugs to show up in your hair.

Alternative Products

How to Use Detox Products to Pass a Drug TestAccording to Toke Titan’s post on THC hair detox, light users can use lemon juice or vinegar with salicylic acid to cleanse the hair too.

While it’s a cheaper option to buying shampoo kits, it’s known to work for very light users of marijuana. As long as the residue on the strands is below a detectable threshold, you will pass the test.


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