At Assay Designs, we are dedicated to offering you the best customer service to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers and partners. The best and reliable solutions to overcome the greatest challenges in research are what we strive to provide. Relevant information are available for general guidance and information.

Home Care

As we aspire to be one of the leading home care providers, we focus on the quality of resources to provide a positive experience. We aim to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families and striving for a greater hope and success to achieve the vision of a reality where every life we are privileged to touch is promised.

Dental Surgery 

Assay design also focuses on dentistry, combined knowledge gained from this experience with leading-edge technologies. The professional team oversees a quality of sources is needed, the most effective and high-quality service is provided. We evaluate and monitor the quality and appropriateness of the resources to pursue opportunities to improve and resolve concerns.

Fitness and Health

Assay Design is your resource for living the healthiest life possible, the services we provide will help you gain a better understanding of your health and wellness, and a goal-oriented plan on how you can live well. Three C’s of services are offered to meet your health needs and goals― core, choice, custom. The core is the foundation of your fitness and health, it helps you understand the whats and whys of a healthy lifestyle. The choice is where you get to choose what path your personal health takes, whether it is focused on a diet, lifestyle or exercise. Have an in-depth look at your health and fitness with the custom service packages. Assay design had the resources designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Assay Development Services

We provide you a specialized assay development service which is specialized to use, precise, sensitive kits for small molecular weight molecules. The assays should continue to utilize the most appropriate technology, color, fluorescence or chemiluminescence, to achieve the best possible analytical outcome. The most well-defined materials to standardize any assay, high-quality enzymes and antigens for every assay is used. Their scientific integrity demands that they must produce the best possible assay outcome.

The instant accessibility provided to the clients for all information required and answered all the queries related to the coverage and health benefits is regularly available.