Conscious because of your smile? You can’t even flash your biggest smile. The main reason: You lost some of your teeth due to injury, disease or decay. The solution is dental implants. Age doesn’t matter for dental implants. All people from all ages can undergo the procedure. Regret not…go to your dentist. This article means to discuss dental implant procedure, who requires it and what are the risks of having one.

Dental Implants

Denture Procedures

Dental implants replace teeth roots with a screw like posts. It replaces damaged teeth. After the procedure, it achieves the look of real teeth. It functions like a true one too. Sometimes bridgework for artificial dentures does not suit you well. The best alternative is dental implants.

How are dental implants performed? Performing them depends on the implant type. The jawbone of the person is also one consideration. It is a long process and involves various steps. Typically it requires months to finish, depending on one’s healing process fully.

Surgery does it. The metal or screw like posts serves like roots of your teeth. They are planted in your jawbone surgically. Implants are fixed, due to this the titanium blends with your jawbone. The materials used are safe and won’t decay at all. It won’t make any noise or damage to the bones like fixed what bridgework sometimes does.

Dental implants are appropriate if you have one or more missing teeth; if you are not willing to wear false dentures; if your speech is defective due to missing teeth. Remember this will take months to finish, so you must be able to commit to it.

Is It Possible to Have Full Dental Implants?

Yes, an implant-supported full bridge can replace all your missing teeth. It gives several advantages over other options like full artificial dentures.

You will have a brand new set of teeth after the procedure. It looks all natural and functions like natural teeth. These are designed to be durable and resilient. Implant supported full bridges gives you convenience and stability. It allows natural biting and chewing.

Your bone is better preserved because dental implants fuse with the jawbone. Bridgework for artificial dentures doesn’t give you this advantage. There is a possibility that the bones surrounding the roots will deteriorate. All in all dental implants can be perfect and easy to maintain than artificial dentures.

Denture implant procedures

What Are the Dangers of Dental Implants

It may have given aesthetic improvement to a person and convenience as well, but there have to be risks.

One danger is the danger of infection when the implants are attached to the jawbone. Poor dental hygiene may be the cause. Smoking is another reason. Observe proper oral hygiene and quit smoking.

There is also the danger of nerve damage. Damage may be done due to improper placement of the implant thereby cutting into the nerve. Be wary always in undergoing such procedure. Be sure to find dentists with track record only.

Dental implants may damage the sinuses. This happens when the implants in the upper jaw cut through the sinuses. If you have some sinus discomfort, then approach your doctor immediately.

Final Thoughts:

Having dental implants may be the best alternative for you, what with the convenience and beauty it can give to you. Like the professionals at say,you have to consider all factors. Are you approaching a dentist who is licensed to do this procedure? Ask around and check his track record.


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